DAAU have released seven albums to date.

The latest releases can be ordered directly from the band’s label, Radical Duke. Some of the older albums might be out of print, so you have to check the usual places.


Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (Jack & Johnny 1995). The first album, later renamed “Touralbum 1996” and reissued by Sony Music with a different cover.

We Need New Animals

We Need New Animals (Sony Music 1998)

Life Transmission

Life Transmission (Columbia 2001)

Tub Gurnard Goodness

Tub Gurnard Goodness (Radical Duke 2004)

Ghost Tracks

Ghost Tracks (Radical Duke 2004)

Domestic Wildlife

Domestic Wildlife (Radical Duke 2006)

Live 2005

Live 2005 (Radical Duke 2005), limited edition EP included with the first 100 copies of Domestic Wildlife.

The Shepherds' Dream

The Shepherd’s Dream (Radical Duke 2010)

Eight Definitions

Eight Definitions (Excelsior Recordings / Radical Duke 2013)


Hineininterpretierung (Radical Duke / Waste My Records 2017)


The Shepherds' Dream

The Dark Age Of Love (Ici d’Ailleurs 2009)


There have also been a couple of singles.


Drieslagstelsel demo (around 1995?)

Other artists

The musicians in DAAU have also appeared on many releases by other artists. Here is an attempt to list these releases.

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