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Hineininterpretierung is out now

Posted on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 in new animals

The new DAAU album, “Hineininterpretierung” is out now as CD and 2LP editions, from Radical Duke and Waste My Records. It’s quite a long record – 20 songs, 62 minutes! You can order it online here (LP version) or here for the CD. (The 2LP edition will come a bit later, for Record Store Day.)

Congratulations guys!

As reported before, this album is a retrospective featuring newly recorded versions of DAAU tracks from their 25-year career. As the band puts it, DAAU cover themselves on this record, guided by Rudy Trouvé who fulfilled production and curation duties.

Next up for DAAU are gigs in Liège (May 4) and Antwerp (May 12).

The track list follows.

Dip n dodge
Rabbit eye movement
Drieslagstelsel i
Gin & tonic
Berlin - deventer - antwerpen
Highway tiger
Drieslagstelsel ii
Lounja la gazelle
Voodoo sim
Visions of arcadia
Waltz delire
Dansende mieren
Delete alt and undo
A sin so nasty
Rain song

See the offical video for “Rain Song” here, featuring the voices of Buni, Simon and Adriaan Lenski:

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