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I needed a new website

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 in new animals

It’s finally ready. Welcome to the all-new and still unofficial DAAU page. Finally revamped and ready! This will be the place for the latest news and gossip from the DAAU world as it extends into 2010 and beyond, with a new album and hopefully many shows to come.

And just in case things should get boring, there is still a nice long backlog of archival material waiting to be published. From time to time I will try to pull a rabbit out of the hat and present you with something unexpected from, say, 1998 or something.

If you look closer you’ll see that I’ve made the switch to a blog-based format. The days of hand-crafted HTML are finally over once and for all, which might just mean I’m getting lazy. Otherwise, it’s probably not a big deal for you but it is for me.

Looking for the page you used to see here? The old news page is still available here. (If you hate web sites that just forget all their old content whenever the design changes… so do I.)

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New album title maybe confirmed

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010 in new animals

According to the Flemish music centre, the new DAAU album will bear the title The Shepherd’s Dream. Also lists the release for March 2010.

The animal metaphors continue.


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