DAAU live from Tilburg

May 11th, 2017

Getting ready to travel the release concert on Friday, here’s DAAU’s performance in Tilburg from Tuesday. (The sound comes in a bit later..)

Vrije Geluiden Live @TivoliVredenburg

met vier mooie acts: DAAU // Die Anarchistische AbendunterhaltungSteven KampermanEbonit Saxophone QuartetDominic J MarshallVPRO #vrijegeluiden TivoliVredenburg, presentatie: Jaap Boots

Posted by VPRO Vrije Geluiden on Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

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Hineininterpretierung is out now

April 5th, 2017

The new DAAU album, “Hineininterpretierung” is out now as CD and 2LP editions, from Radical Duke and Waste My Records. It’s quite a long record – 20 songs, 62 minutes! You can order it online here (LP version) or here for the CD. (The 2LP edition will come a bit later, for Record Store Day.)

Congratulations guys!

As reported before, this album is a retrospective featuring newly recorded versions of DAAU tracks from their 25-year career. As the band puts it, DAAU cover themselves on this record, guided by Rudy Trouvé who fulfilled production and curation duties.

Next up for DAAU are gigs in Liège (May 4) and Antwerp (May 12).

The track list follows.

Dip n dodge
Rabbit eye movement
Drieslagstelsel i
Gin & tonic
Berlin - deventer - antwerpen
Highway tiger
Drieslagstelsel ii
Lounja la gazelle
Voodoo sim
Visions of arcadia
Waltz delire
Dansende mieren
Delete alt and undo
A sin so nasty
Rain song

See the offical video for “Rain Song” here, featuring the voices of Buni, Simon and Adriaan Lenski:

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DAAU announce new album: Hineininterpretierung, and first tour dates

January 10th, 2017

In 2017 we will be celebrating our 25 years of making music & touring with a new album and a tour.

For this opportunity ex-dEUS guitarist Rudy Trouvé – still a highly respected musician/producer in Antwerp & beyond – took up the role of curator. He dug through the DAAU repertoire and selected a number of tracks which they re-recorded. The amazing David Odlum mixed the album.

Hineininterpretierung” will be some sort of an anthology: aged through years of experience, personal growth and probably even wisdom.

The release of the album is planned for April 2017 on Waste My Records. An extended tour will set off in May with concerts in Liège (Reflektor, 4/5), Antwerp (De Studio, 12/5) and Utrecht (EKKO, 25/5). You can get your tickets as of today, other dates will follow soon.

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Simon Lenski – “Oh City” EP

December 9th, 2016

Simon Lenski has released his debut solo EP, “Oh City”. It has been in the making since 2012, and Simon himself tells a nice story of the genesis of the five songs that make up this EP, over on his new website, simonlenski.com.

Joining Simon (cello, synth, programming) for this release are Elko Blijweert (guitar), Joris Caluwaerts (piano, synth) and Frans van Isacker (bass clarinet). This EP is the precursor to a full album, which is to be released next year.

You can buy the album directly on iTunes, there is no physical release planned as far as I can tell.

(And how can it be that in 2016, iTunes still gives you absolutely no liner notes whatsoever…?)

If you speak Dutch, you can listen to Simon talk about the new record on this podcast – and if you don’t, the entire EP gets played during the show, and some other interesting stuff as well.

Watch the video for “The House”.

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DAAU to return in 2017 with anniversary album

December 7th, 2016

The word is out on the band’s facebook page that the band will return in 2017 with an album that will commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary. The pictures show the band hard at work in the studio. The band have enlisted help from Antwerp indie legend Rudy Trouvé (ex-dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, Gore Slut, Dead Man Ray & many more) for production duties, and the album’s release is planned for April 2017, when the band also plans to start touring again.

See the three Lenski brothers in the studio below. (Have those three recorded a vocal track before? … I don’t think so!). The guy looking on is Rudy.

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Donkey Diesel is back from the dead

January 18th, 2016

Writes Gunter on Facebook:

Bruno Melon, Jules Lemmens, Buni Lenski, Gregor Engelen, Enrique Noviello and myself have started preparations for the 4th DONKEY DIESEL release : “GUSTO!!!!” set for 2016-2017. Et Alors Avantissimookes…

This is great news. This was (and probably still is) a great set of musicians and the concerts I saw in 03-06 were loads of fun.

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DAAU vs. TRASH – “Auf Wiedersehen” performances

October 27th, 2015

DAAU will perform live music in the Netherlands until January, accompanying a dance performance by the Trash ensemble.

Watch the trailer below, and see the upcoming concerts page for performance dates. (Looks like it’s only Han, Roel and Hannes for these performances.)

TRASH – AUF WIEDERSEHEN from trashdanceweb on Vimeo.

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Scales in Orange and Grey

October 27th, 2015

I can’t pretend that I have been keeping track of side appearances by DAAU members, but here is a nice one that appeared this year. DAAU appears on the track “Scales In Orange And Grey” on the 3rd album by Tape Cuts Tape, “Lost Footage“.

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DAAU returns in 2015 for Incubated

June 8th, 2015

It’s been some time since I wrote anything here. Although I have not seen a DAAU concert myself in almost four years, I have tried to keep up with the group’s activities, albeit from a distance.

In retrospect, 2014 was something of a slow year, with only a handful of gigs compared to other years. As we know by now, the band does not often communicate, but some Facebook banter suggests that the tour supporting “Eight Definitions” officially ended with a gig in Berchem in December of last year.

Since then, the animals have retreated to the woods to have some long and well-deserved sleep.

Now, Toutpartout has confirmed a new DAAU date at the prestigious Incubated festival. Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung will play in Tilburg, Netherlands on December 11, 2015.

This is good news, and I am hopeful that this is only the first sign of more good news to come…

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Watch the live premiere of “1992”

September 17th, 2013

A brand-new DAAU track! Filmed by VPRO at the Into The Great Wide Open festival, and it is already on Youtube.

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