New DAAU album details

September 4th, 2013

At this very moment, the band is preparing to unveil their new live set this weekend at ITGWO and OPEK, it’s high time to bring you some updates!

The album now has a confirmed release date of October 11, and I am guessing that it will be available to order directly from the Radical Duke shop again. Their prices and postage tend to be lower than anywhere else, so it’s worth taking a look here once it’s out, and buy directly from the source.

In the meantime, the name of the album has also changed, and it’s now officially “Eight Definitions“. I wonder what happened to the two others! Also, while Simon and Buni both appear on the album, they may join the tour when they find the time to do so.

Things keep changing, and that is a good thing. By all accounts, the new album (which I haven’t heard) is once again a different, ambitious, challenging and rewarding listening experience.

And how many other bands can say that at 21 years of age?

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DAAU is back with Ten Definitions

June 3rd, 2013

DAAU announced the date for the presentation of their new album today: Their first gig in quite a while will take place on October 2nd at de Singel in Antwerpen, followed by a date in Amsterdam the next day. Eric also writes that more gigs will follow “in Benelux and beyond”. All that and a cute photo of a cat on Facebook!

The concert announcement is very interesting because it mentions the new band line-up. Never mind the old press photo.

  • accordion – Roel Van Camp
  • clarinet – Han Stubbe
  • violin – Buni Lenski
  • double bass – Hannes D’Hoine
  • percussion – Steven Cassiers

Yes, that’s Buni right there… back on the violin after being off duty for the first time since 2006’s Domestic Wildlife.

The page also says “Ten Definitions” ….. name of the new album possibly?

Steven Cassiers you may know from Dez Mona among other bands. He is one of the rare drummers to have his own website.

So much good news!

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Het spookhuis der geschiedenis

August 14th, 2012

This news from the cello department is a few months old now.

I just discovered it, but it is still good news.

The cello duet consisting of Simon Lenski and Bo Wiget are playing together again, supplying live music for the theatre opera piece “Het spookhuis der geschiedenis” (The haunted house of history). You can find more info about the performances at the site of the Wunderbaum group. The piece is described as “Wagnerian”, and fittingly, Wiget/Lenski are re-interpreting the music of Richard Wagner for the play.

Actually, when Bo announced this on his website, he didn’t use the words “interpretation” or “arrangement” that ordinary people would typically. Instead he used the German word “eingerichtet“, which could be translated by saying that the music was “re-installed” or “re-furbished” for this opera.

Does that mean something? Is it on purpose? I don’t know. But it is really nice way to think of music as something that lives in a physical space.

Anyway, the facts …
The premiere took place on May 25 on the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, with performances scheduled until June 3. The piece will be on the road for the rest of the year, with performances scheduled for Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Berlin and Groningen.

If you don’t know who Wiget/Lenski is, I saw them play a concert in 2008 when they had just released their album, “Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde“, which is still very recommendeded, and – of course – available on itunes. I’d imagine that friends of experimental noise music may well enjoy this album; as it definitely holds some of the most abrasive and dissonant sounds in the entire DAAU orbit.

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Existentieel Crisisproject Management

July 29th, 2012

Tonight in Antwerp: Higgs Boson Session #5 at Houtdok Zuidkaai.

Featuring at 23u: Existentieel Crisisproject Management.

Never heard of them? Me neither! They must be so new, they don’t even have anything on youtube yet. But here’s who plays:

Buni Lenski – viool
Fien Maris – zang
Juno Kerstens – cello
Hannes d’ Hoine – bas
Tijl Piryns – drums

I don’t have any further information available, but this sounds intriguing enough so I’m passing it on. I think I’ve been to this place once, it’s certainly perfect for a summer evening outdoors.

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Hiver Dernier showcase in Liège

April 22nd, 2012

One more screening of “Hiver Dernier”, with DAAU playing a set afterwards, next Wednesday in Liège.

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L’Hiver dernier – premiere and showcase in Brussels next Saturday

March 17th, 2012

While I’m busy finishing up on another (longer) post, I’m going to end this long period of self-imposed blogging silence to share with you the first bit of DAAU-related news this year.

The band will play a showcase set next Saturday (24/03) at Flagey in Brussels as part of the premiere of “L’Hiver dernier”.

As mentioned in a post last Summer, DAAU have composed the soundtrack to this movie, their first feature film soundtrack work to date.

Here’s the trailer for you.

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Some notes about DAAU versus GEM in Gent

October 30th, 2011

Seven Brazilians and four Belgians shared the stage last Thursday at Vooruit in Gent. The world debut performance of Fernando Sardo’s GEM meeting DAAU. With apparently only little rehearsal beforehand, the musicians pulled off a great 50 minute set as part of the Europalia Brasil festival. Quite a unique performance it was. One song of GEM started the set. One long song by DAAU followed, and I did not recognize it- must be a brand-new one! Then both bands together for two songs that flowed freely from experimental soundscapes to a re-worked section of “Drieslagstelsel 5”.

thanks to Bas for the picture

It seems there will be only one concert of this project, next Friday in Antwerpen. If you’re around, go see them.

Check Cobra for a live video live song of the concert ( which spares me the description of GEM’s unique custom-built instruments – you can just see for yourself…) I can’t seem to embed it here in this page, so you’ll just have to click on the link and select “Sprookjes” !

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October 23rd, 2011

Starkeeper is a new band from Antwerp that features Buni and Simon playing together on a record for the first time since I don’t know when. The band’s debut EP is now available on itunes (

And hey, that looks a lot like the skyline of Berlin on the cover… !

Here is the official video clip for “Elle”.

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DAAU @ Philharmonie Haarlem, this Saturday

September 5th, 2011

Just a friendly reminder:

DAAU will play the Stad als Podium festival in the Dutch town of Haarlem next Saturday. Stage time is 22.45 and the venue will be the beautiful Philharmonie of Haarlem. Be there. And when it’s done, you can hop over to Patronaat to see Battles. Should be a good night out!

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“L’Hiver dernier” / “Last Winter”

July 27th, 2011

DAAU have recorded a soundtrack to the feature film “L’Hiver dernier” , or “Last Winter” as it will be known outside of Francophonic territories. According to Gentlemanagement, DAAU composed 40 minutes of new music specifically for the movie, of which 25 are going to be used in it.

Directed and written by John Shank, the movie tells the story of a farmer fighting against the threat of losing his entire existence after a fire ravages his farm. (Guess there just had to be some connection to animals!) It’s not yet known when the movie will be out in theatres, MDB says it’s currently in post-production. Any news will be posted here!

This is the fourth time DAAU have supplied the soundtrack to a movie. The other three I know of are:

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