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DAAU con Alma Flamenca recordings from 1999 online

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 in archives

Nothing is too obscure to pop up on youtube after a while. Here’s proof! Now, some eleven years after the fact, some recordings of a live performance of DAAU with Alma Flamenca have been posted on youtube. The recordings were made on April 13, 1999 at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, during a time when the two bands played together regularly. Alma Flamenca is a (you guessed it…) Flamenco band from Ronda, Spain, and the story goes that DAAU met them while in town for concerts and recording sessions. That was 1998.

This one is pretty special because I had always known about DAAU playing with Alma Flamenca but had never actually heard what it sounded like – except for a really short excerpt that turned up on the “Ghost Tracks” album, the Alma Flamenca project seemed pretty much lost to time. Until now!

Thanks to Joaquin Orillo from Alma Flamenca, who uploaded this rarity, we can now listen to two full songs that were recorded at a live show in Brussels in 1999.

“Como el Agua” stays in traditional Flamenco waters for a while before taking an unexpected, anarchistic twist towards the end. It’s worth listening to. By the way, this is the song that was used, in a different version, on the “Ghost Tracks” CD.

Here is the second song, “Con Tomate”. I can’t tell the line-up precisely, but there’s cajón, lots of strings, possibly two accordeons, and that particular style of singing that… well, you either love it or you hate it. The song also pops up in another part of the band history – it was taken up again four years later as an instrumental re-arrangement in the collaboration with Troissoeur.

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DAAU in Genk & Tournai, this week

Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 in highway tigers

Nice poster for this weekend’s d’Hiverrock festival in Tournai, which includes a set by DAAU on Saturday.

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Buni with Winther & Simon with Sir Ian

Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 in new animals

I recently came across this new band from Antwerp called Winther. Fronted by singer Wolfram Ghesquière, the band also includes bassist Dries Laheye and Frederik Meulyzer on drums – and DAAU founding member Buni Lenski on violin. Indeed, that is unmistakably Buni on the promo pictures, which make it clear that the band picked their name for a good reason…

The music could be described as calm, laid-back, soulful and slightly melancholic pop, with the occasional touch of weirdness. More of that, please, and maybe a little less restraint..

You can stream a couple of songs at the band’s site, or view a couple of videos – starting with Buni keeping his fingers warm on a winter day in Belgium.

An early gig by only Wolfram & Buni at Antwerp’s Salle Jeanne. Buni singing back-up through the violin microphone is a great sight.

But there’s more! At the recent gig in Rotterdam, Simon Lenski also played with Sir Ian, formerly of Mono. Youtube evidence below. (For the record, Simon didn’t play the cello parts on Sir Ian’s album Apathology – those were by Milena Eva, who is on the left.)

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