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DAAU is back with Ten Definitions

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013 in new animals

DAAU announced the date for the presentation of their new album today: Their first gig in quite a while will take place on October 2nd at de Singel in Antwerpen, followed by a date in Amsterdam the next day. Eric also writes that more gigs will follow “in Benelux and beyond”. All that and a cute photo of a cat on Facebook!

The concert announcement is very interesting because it mentions the new band line-up. Never mind the old press photo.

  • accordion – Roel Van Camp
  • clarinet – Han Stubbe
  • violin – Buni Lenski
  • double bass – Hannes D’Hoine
  • percussion – Steven Cassiers

Yes, that’s Buni right there… back on the violin after being off duty for the first time since 2006’s Domestic Wildlife.

The page also says “Ten Definitions” ….. name of the new album possibly?

Steven Cassiers you may know from Dez Mona among other bands. He is one of the rare drummers to have his own website.

So much good news!

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